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Clear PET Cups
gogo Clear Plastic Cold Cups
Item# Size/ Case Net Case Gross Case Dimensions (inch) CBM Qty/ Hi/ Packed/ Bar Code
  Desc. Weight lbs. Weight lbs. L W H   Pallet Ti Case Case
CPET241000 24oz. Clear / 3.85" Diameter 19.84lbs 22.04lbs 15.74" 11.81" 21.25" 0.06 30 6Hix5Ti 12x50 815797016079
CPET201000 20oz. Clear / 3.85" Diameter 34.83lbs 36.59lbs 19.88" 16.14" 19.68" 0.09 24 6Hi x 4Ti 50x20 815797016062
CPET161000 16oz. Clear / 3.85" Diameter 30.42lbs 32.18lbs 19.88" 16.14" 18.89" 0.09 24 6Hi x 4Ti 50x20 815797016055
CPETS121000 12oz Squat / 3.85" Diameter 20.94lbs 23.14lbs 18.89" 15.15" 17.71" 0.08 24 6Hi x 4Ti 50x20 815797016123
CPET121000 12oz Clear / 3.62" Diameter 20.94lbs 23.14lbs 19" 15" 17.5" 0.08 24 6Hi x 4Ti 50x20 815797015362
CPETS91000 9oz Clear / 3.62" Diameter 15.43lbs 19.84lbs 19 15 15 0.06 36 9Hi x 4Ti 50x20 815797016116

Crystal clear design gives customers a full view of your appetizing beverages. Made in a variety of sizes, these cups can hold small to large drinks, and they're durable enough for customers to use them on-the-go. With dozens of cups to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect cups for your kiosk, pool bar, concession stand, fast food joint, or casual restaurant.
A rolled rim design gives these cups a more upscale feel and appearance. Thanks to durable PET construction, clear plastic party cups are crack-resistant and will help reduce customer complaints thanks to their durable sidewalls. Use our cups to cater both indoor and outdoor parties, and pair them with dome lids to make them perfect for carrying out smoothies, iced coffees, milkshakes, and other coffee shop favorites.